“Let your light shine before men in such a way that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father who is in heaven”
Matthew 5:16

With infectious laughter and bubbly personalities, We are husband and wife lifestyle and wedding photographers. We are excited about our journey together and all the things that God has planned! 
our intention is for God to be glorified in everything we do.

In tyler's words...
Amber never knew what she wanted to be or pursue 7 years ago, but she knew that she had a love for people. Amber began seeking God for direction because She was completely over trying to please people and what they wanted her to do with her life. A career in photography was never something she dreamed of, but God's plans were and are different than her own. This journey has been the most life-altering and rewarding decision she has ever made!

In amber's words...
Tyler has always had a passion for building relationships with people and finding joy in every opportunity. He has built a foundation throughout his life in Warner Robins, ga. Tyler trusted God to lead him in the direction that would allow him to share his love for the people around him. not only did god give Tyler the creativity for photography, but he also instilled a burning passion for people.

our style is rich, authentic, and soulful.

We are uninterested in providing our clients with lifeless, posed photos. Photography should capture all the intricate details of reality: rich tones, vibrancy, light, and human emotion in its purest form. We want to connect with you on a real level, not just be your photographers for the day. we want to build a genuine relationship with you and hear your unique story so we can tell your story authentically through our work. 

So if you're all in, then we are there right with you!
Let's celebrate life's joyful moments together!

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